James William Thead, Sr.

Memorial of Deceased

It was “just a sinus infection” they said at his dr appointment…

Two weeks later on March 25th, my father went into ICU, put on a ventilator and the battle began. My family became part of that 1%.

174 days of life was all we had left. We cherished the seconds, minutes, hours and days spent sharing our love with him.

On Monday September 14th our father left his broken body. COVID did not win! We did. We were loved by such an awesome father. He never gave up. For six months he proved to all of us that love wins in the end. We felt it and will always feel it. Please pray for peace and comfort for my family.

I want everyone one of you to know that your prayers, thoughts and virtual hugs were felt the whole time. We were never alone and either was my father. Thank you for that.

Date of PassingSeptember 14, 2020
Age at Time of Death72